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Cell:  605-321-3303

Mark West has spent 38 years in the field of professional aviation including fixed wing as well as lighter-than-air aircraft.  Mr. West is available for consulting in the following areas:


  • Accident Investigation- as a graduate of the Aviation Safety Curriculum and the Navy Post Graduate School, accident investigations have focused mainly on free balloon accidents.

  • Manned Lighter-than-air aircraft design- serving as an FAA DER for LTA for nearly 20 years involving both hot air balloons as well as gas balloons.

  • Unmanned stratospheric balloons- heading up the leading company and engineering team in the world in the design and manufacture of scientific research balloons including zero pressure and super pressure as well as high altitude airships.

  • Aviation risk management – managing liability for aircraft manufacturing as well as companies involved in flight operations.  Appropriate insurance, operations reviews for managing risk, and accident investigations and associated liability case management.


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